Friday, 10 April 2015

Guest Post: Exotic Wedding Destinations - A very happy day indeed

When it is finally time to tie the knot and to say that faithful “yes”, why not do it somewhere where your heart will be rushing, not just from your wedding day, but from the beautiful scenery surrounding you. It is your day after all, and you should make it as special as it is possible, and by visiting an exotic place to hold your wedding might be the last step towards making it the best day in your life. However, make sure that your guests can make it as well, you should share this experience with friends and family too.
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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

WNS: Brought together by Business...Yemi & Adeola Engagement Pictures

Bride: Yemi Ogunleye
Groom: Adeola Bello

The proposal - Yemi

According to the Bride, the way he proposed to me is the most romantic thing I had ever seen because he said words that can never be forgotten. However, I won't tell those words though so at least we can use them when its time. Lol!!!

The Couple

Yemi & Adeola were brought together by Business and like they say the rest is history. Yemi says he is caring to a fault, God-fearing, highly intelligent, handsome, very ambitious young man, has a heart of gold that is inestimable and understands me perfectly. I couldn't have asked for anyone better. While Adeola says she possesses the character and enigma of a true virtuous lady, she is disciplined, beautiful and intelligent lady.

According to the photographer "Documenting the wedding of these two lovebirds (Yemi & Adeola), now Mr. and Mrs. Bello was really fun as every part of it came easy. I didn't have to beg for smiles, and there was little or no disturbance from "papapa" 

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