Wednesday, 25 December 2013

WNS: Merry Christmas

Wishing all our readers a Joyous and Merry Christmas...Muah!!!

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Friday, 6 December 2013

WNS: Olajumoke and Oluwatosin : The Pre Wedding Pictures & Video

According to Olu, the Videographer "When a couple is in love, it is not difficult to notice as it radiates from within. I really enjoyed working with Tosin and Jumoke on their pre-wedding video. They love each other and make each other laugh so much. A fun couple like Tosin and Jumoke bring out the best in my production and I wish Tosin and Jumoke all the very best as they plan their wedding."

Weddings N Style wish the couple all the best as they plan and prepare for the BIG Day...

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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

WNS: Hurray Weddings N Style is ONE

Hurray Weddings N Style is ONE...we couldn't have done it without our esteemed readers. We love each and everyone of you. Thank you so much for the support and encouragement over the past year.

In one year we have over 17, 000 views on the blog, over 100 followers on Instagram (weddingsnstyle), over 150 likes on Facebook and over 20 followers on Twitter. We are so grateful to everyone that has taken out time to view our blog and like our pages on the various social media platforms.

We are looking forward to the new year for the blog and we hope it will be more exciting than the previous year.

Love you all...

Weddings N Style

Monday, 18 November 2013

WNS: Dami & Jide's Wedding Video

Enjoy the video of the lovely couple as they danced into their reception venue...If you missed their pre-wedding pictures click here. Wedding Pictures coming soon...

WNS: 'My Asoebi Style' - Biola

Today we are sharing the simple but lovely Biola's Aso-ebi Style on the blog. We simply look at different aso-ebis worn by a particular indidvidual to different weddings.

Our feature is the beautiful Biola, who believes in looking simple yet stunning. Well enjoy her different styles and maybe you might spot a style or two...

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Monday, 11 November 2013

WNS: Hey! Where's the Ring?..Coming on an Eagle! Naomi & Dayo's Wedding Pictures & Videos

Today Weddings N Style is bringing something exciting and different. Naomi & Dayo's wedding was a blend of two distinct cultures into one which made it fun and unique.

What do you do if your bestman can't find the wedding ring? Watch the video below and learn a thing or two...

Read the couple's story below and enjoy the pictures and videos.

Naomi's Story 

I met Dayo in 2006. I was schooling in Montgomery College at the time. The first time I met him, I knew there was something special about him. Over the years we continued communicating vie email, call, text, online. We would not see each other for several years till 2011. We (or should I say I) were both busy in doing our own things. Busy with school, professions and so on. When we finally caught up I had just moved back to Maryland from Virginia. And he was in Columbia, MD. That was when we decided to take the relationship seriously. Dayo proposed to me in June 2012 at Copper Canyon Grill in downtown Silver Spring over a romantic dinner for two and I said YES! And the rest is history.

Dayo's Story 

You know, it’s funny -- our first date was in 2006, but we only got into a relationship five years later. For a long time, Naomi was like a blinking light: on one moment, off the next. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out why she was popping in and out of my life, why she didn’t want to take the next step, why it seemed like something was holding her back. One day, out of the blue, Naomi sent me a message pleading for me to call her, and she finally revealed why she had been hesitant with me. (I’m not Cameroonian, obviously!). But I had to ask myself, Why did I tolerate this back-and-forth thing with her when I had never done so with anyone else? Simple: I realized I was truly in love with Naomi. And this time, this light was going to burn steadier and brighter than ever before

If you missed the couple's pre-wedding video click here and their traditional wedding video click here.

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Monday, 28 October 2013

WNS: Ogechi & Samuel's White Wedding Pictures + Video

If you missed their Traditional Wedding pictures, video and story, click here.

Enjoy their white wedding pictures and video below.

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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

WNS: Two Countries, Two Cultures become ONE ... Naomi & Dayo's Traditional Wedding Video

Watch this interesting and lovely mix of two countries and cultures into a wonderfully blended Traditional Wedding Ceremony.

According to Olu, "When you mix rich and unique cultures, the product will be amazing and remarkable. Naomi and Dayo's traditional wedding was a fuse of beautiful cultures strengthened by love. Naomi is from Bamenda, in Northwestern Cameroon and Dayo is Yoruba from Western Nigeria. This was definitely a cultural and beautiful wedding. The bride was stunning and the groom could not help but profess his undying love. This made me choose Banky W's "Till My Dying Day" as my song of choice. I wish Naomi and Dayo a happy married life and I am so grateful that they selected me as their wedding videographer."

Wedding Date: 7/26/2013
Location: Maryland, U.S.A


Videographer: Olu Adewunmi |
Music Credit: Banky W.--Till My Dying Day
Background Décor: Garden-Of Eden-International

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

WNS: Ogechi & Samuel Traditional Wedding Pictures

Ogechi met Sam in her first year at the University of Lagos. This is the story of their proposal according to the bride… I left Nigeria a year later and was so sad to leave Sam behind. The distance put a strain on our relationship and we eventually broke up. A year later Sam called me and we talked about how miserable we both were, and decided to give love another chance. We talked everyday (the calling card company loved me) and grew even closer. I then decided to visit Nigeria in 2009; 5 years later. When I laid my eyes on Sam, it was as though I had never left, and we knew from that point on that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Sam joined me 2 years later in 2011, and in December of 2012, he and my sister, Akunna, began planning a surprise proposal. I knew something was going on, but I was so sure I would find out because my sister sucks at surprises. Sam worked and lived 2 hours away and said he couldn’t visit that weekend because of work. I had my extended family in North Carolina for the holidays and really wanted them to finally meet Sam, so I was a little upset that he couldn’t make it. Akunna decided to “cheer” me up by polishing my nails and going out to dinner, but we weren’t sure where to go. Out of the blue, my phone rings, and it was Genevieve, my family friend. She said she was bored and also wanted to hang out-perfect timing! We all decided to have dinner at our favorite Japanese steak house, and surprisingly my brothers also wanted to join us (Akunna, you little planner lol). My brothers never go anywhere with us!!! Upon arrival at the restaurant, I noticed the waitresses were extremely cheesy and friendly. They took us to a private room, saying they had no more room in the main dining area. The room was so dim and I remember asking ‘’where the light was?” lol. A few close friends arrived later and I was surprised to see them there. They simply said they saw us coming in and decided to say hey (nice one sis). Genny was super late and I started blowing up her phone. She later arrived, and before I could start going in on how late she was, I noticed Sam standing right behind her with some flowers (apparently almost everywhere had closed for the holidays, and they were trying to find flowers…I love you Genny). I was in total shock because I didn’t expect to see him there. I immediately began to cry because from then on, I knew I had just been punked. I looked at everyone in the room and was so happy because they were the ones I wanted to share such moment with. Sam immediately got on one knee and asked me to be his wife, and I said YES!

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Ekene & Seun's Wedding Reception Pics Part 2

Check out Ekene and Seun's Church wedding pictures here and here, also some reception pictures here.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Ekene & Seun's Wedding Reception Pics Part 1

If you missed Ekene & Seun's Story and Church Wedding pictures Part 1 & 2 click here and here. Now lets look at some exciting dance pictures from the reception and the bride's second dress by Ohimai Atafo was WOW!!!

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Monday, 14 October 2013

WNS: Ekene & Seun's Church wedding Pics - Part 2

If you missed Ekene & Seun's 'Journey of Love' story, Click here to read it.

Weddings N Style wishes the couple a wonderful journey of love.

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Friday, 11 October 2013

WNS: Ekene & Seun's Church wedding Pics - Part 1

Ekene Odiari and Seun Ajayi met 6 years ago at Planet One, Maryland during Gordon’s Spark re-launch party. Ekene was working with the PR Agency handling the event and Seun was working with the Events Agency. There wasn’t any specific proposal, the two just talked about moving to the next level at some point in their relationship.
For Seun, her simple and down to earth nature, her attitude towards people (cares a lot about people) and wanting to tell her everything first attracted him to her. For Ekene, he was a nice person, caring and God-fearing and he became her best friend always being there for her.
Seun calls her ‘Buba’ while Ekene calls him ‘Boo Boo’ or ‘Babe’. One thing that has kept the couple strong is their ability to take each other the way they are, knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Also they both love cooking.
On June 29, 2013 exactly Six (6) years after they met the bride walked down the aisle in her Mai Atafo wedding gown to be joined to her ‘Boo Boo’ in-front of families and friends at St. Joseph Catholice Church, Oke-Bola Ibadan. The reception followed immediately at the Williamson hall, Oyewole estate with lots of dancing and fun. 
At the beginning of the couple’s wedding program read ‘Today is a special day, where all our hopes and dreams come true. Today is the day that we marry each other’. At the end of the program they wrote ‘This is the start of our sweet, little story. The part where our pages meet and no matter where our tale takes us, our tomorrow story will always read love. And even though we are wonderful as individuals, we are even better together. Our journey of love begins…
Weddings N Style wishes the couple a wonderful journey of love…

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WNS: Dami's Bridal Shower

It was a day full of surprise, fun, pizza and ice-cream during Dami's bridal shower at Cold Stone Creamery in Ikeja.

Weddings N Style is looking forward to her wedding holding on October 19 and we will be bringing you all the lovely pictures.

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WNS: Mitchell and Kaptane's White Wedding in London

Mitchell Oluwatosin Oshodi and Kaptane Abdul Ikoghode met while studying at the University of Warwick in 2006. She was working as a part-time receptionist and Kaptane went to drop off his keys when his tenancy ended. He saw her and began the chase. After six months she agreed to date him on her birthday. 

One day they went for a wedding celebration and Kaptane had dropped a ring in her bag. He then asked her to get something out of the bag for him, when she saw the ring; he got on his knees and asked her to marry him.
For Mitchell she loved his courage because right from the day he saw her, he made it clear that she was the one for him. While for Kaptane, everything about Mitchell was perfect. 
Knowing that they complete each other – vision, ambitions, spirituality and compatibility – is what they love about each other.

On June 22, Mitchell and Kaptane said ‘I DO’ at the Holy Redeemer, Church of England, Days lane Sidcup. The reception followed at Progress Hall, Admiral Seymour Road, Eltham London SE9 1SL.

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Friday, 4 October 2013

WNS: Damas by Eternity Bridal

There is also the Dama bridesmaid collection. The collection consists of ten competitively priced dresses in a limited colour range and S, M, L, XL sizes to keep the cost down. Each dress has a lace up back to allow it to fit four sizes. Styling is classic long and short styles with flattering asymmetric pleating.

The Dama collections are also proving very popular gowns in ivory appealing to destination brides or those on a budget.

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WNS: Pretty Maids by Eternity Bridal

With the trend for vintage and everything Downton, Pretty Maids has kept bang up to trend with its latest collection. Soft chiffon dresses with draped fabric, waterfall details, soft floating skirts with high low hems.
Asymmetric pleating is still popular, vintage style diamante brooches and folded rosettes.

Pretty Maids also encapsulates the modern style, whether it’s short sassy or a full length dress, stockists will find a style to suit every brides taste. With a myriad of colour choices and beautiful fabrics, Pretty Maids is the perfect choice for your bridesmaid’s collection

Pretty Maids gowns are the perfect complement to your wedding day. They are designed for real bridesmaids, gowns that flatter every shape and accommodate every taste. The collection is available in a range of fabrics; Satin, chiffon, organza, tulle and taffeta, in a kaleidoscope of over 70 shades, which allows brides to coordinate your bridesmaids with the chosen theme for their special day.

Eternity have also introduced cravat & Handkerchief sets for men & boys. These are available again in 70 shades, taffeta or satin to match perfectly with the bridesmaids & flower girls dresses.

The Pretty Maids collections are also proving very popular gowns in ivory appealing to destination brides or those on a budget.

Click below for more pictures. You might spot a lovely design

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WNS: Eternity Bride Collection by Eternity Bridal

The Wedding dress of your dreams lies within the pages of this wedding dress collection.

Eternity Bride design wedding dresses for many occasions: weddings in traditional churches, weddings in castles, or a wedding on the beach all weddings are catered for.

Eternity bride always offers the discerning bride a comprehensive range of gowns, to suit every budget and every occasion.

This season sees the introduction of a fresh approach to traditional gowns; dynamic fabrics are embellished with freshwater pearls, intricate embroidery or soft corsages to create a romantic gown with a modern twist.

Slim silhouettes, incorporating column gowns and fishtails are in delicate lace, stunning taffeta or beautiful satin, with design touches such as keyhole backs or buttons running the full length of the dress.

Accessories finish the look, so that brides can achieve a completely original look, whether it’s a jacket in delicate lace or an encrusted diamante belt or in fact even both.

The Eternity bridal gown is renowned for its internal structure, fully boned inner fitting corsets come as standard. Many have lace up backs to ease the need for in house alterations.

All current Eternity gowns are able to have design changes, whether it is a neckline change, lace up back instead of a zip or a different length train, all is possible.

Eternity Bride looks at providing a beautifully constructed gown at affordable prices.

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Friday, 6 September 2013

WNS: 'Friends & Lovers' - Dami & Jide's Pre-wedding Pictures

Five years of friendship, love, laughter, tears, fights, arguments, break-ups and make-ups Dami & Jide have decided that there's no going back and they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Looking back at everything, they know it was truly worth the wait. This has initiated their pre-wedding theme 'Friends & Lovers' because through it all they came out standing strong not just as Lovers but very good Friends.

Bride-to-be: Damilola Omitogun
Groom-to-be: Babajide Sobajo

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WNS: 'My Asoebi Style' - Toni

Today we have the elegant Toni on 'My Asoebi Style'. Enjoy her different styles/designs and maybe you might spot an idea or two for your next wedding aso-ebi attire.

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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

WNS: Debbie & Akin's Pre-Wedding Video

According to Olu 'Today, I want to share with you, the pre-wedding video of Akin and Debbie. I particularly love this couple because of their calm demeanor and great personalities. I had so much fun filming this couple and appreciate the fact that they exercised so much patience on set. No other song is appropriate for this montage other than Banky W's "Yes/No" tune. Raquel's cover to the song comes immediately after (such a great voice). Please enjoy the montage'

Olu Adewunmi |
Music: Banky W "Yes/No" Raquel -Cover to "Yes/No"
Official Photographer: /Assistant Videographer: Femi Osinowo |
Fashion Stylist: Nifesimi |
Script & Continuity: Olu Adewunmi

Friday, 30 August 2013

WNS: Arinze of Jaguda and Chioma's White Wedding

Arinze Obikili and Chioma Okoronkwo celebrated their white wedding on June 1 at St Patrick Catholic Church, Tampa FL in the presence of close friends and families. It was full of fun, laughter, dance and happiness at the Mainsail Hotel & Conference center Tampa, Florida. Enjoy the pictures...

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WNS: Arinze of Jaguda and Chioma's Traditional Wedding

The lovebirds met in Ottawa, Canada and 3+ years after several phone bills & phone cards, thousands of flyer miles and numerous skype videos they just knew they wanted to be together. On the bride’s birthday, November 21, 2012, Arinze gave Chioma a gift bag with lots of wrapping tissue but no gift. After searching for the gift with a puzzled look, Arinze pretended like he forgot to put the gift in the bag. He stood up and told Chioma ‘I will be right back’. Some minutes later he was back with a ring, got down on one knee and popped the question. And Chioma gladly said YES after laughing for a long time.

The Traditional Wedding held on March 30 in Okoronkwo Compound, Arocuhukwu. Enjoy the pictures

Weddings N Style wishes the couple a blissful and lovely married life…MUAH!!!

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Thursday, 29 August 2013

WNS: 'My Asoebi Style' - Bimbo


Today we have the lovely Bimbo on 'My Asoebi Style'. Bimbo loves different traditional attires and always looks good in all of them for all occasions. Enjoy her different styles/designs and maybe you might spot an idea or two for your next wedding.

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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

WNS: 'My Asoebi Style' - Toro

Today we are starting this wonderful morning with a new feature on the blog 'My Aso-ebi Style'. We simply look at different aso-ebis worn by a particular indidvidual to different weddings.

Our first feature is the beautiful Toro, who loves to dress and look good. She chooses different styles for different occasions which accentuates her 'Africaness'. Well enjoy her different styles and maybe you might spot a style or two...

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Thursday, 22 August 2013

WNS: Cara Mia Collection by The Eternity Group

The Cara Mia Women collection is aimed specifically for the fuller figure bride, women with curves, with sizes starting from a size 14-28. Each gown incorporates longer boning and a more specific size chart. This gives the bride a dress that not only fits well, but will make her feel great.

Styles are what every bride would like, from fitted lace to full romantic styles in ruffled organza, asymmetric taffeta gowns that flatter any figure, sit alongside satin gowns with freshwater pearls and delicate embroidery.
Our Cara Mia Women dresses are cut specifically to compliment a curvy figure, with increased boning and structure for support to keep you looking your best and feeling confident during your big day.

Each gown comes with detachable straps and lace up backs to ensure every bride feels happy on her wedding day. Also every gown has a lace up back to ease the need for in house alterations.

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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

WNS: Art Couture Collection by The Eternity Group

Since launching in 2005 Art couture has focused itself on being a design led Bridal wear collection. The hand writing of the collection is aimed at the bride wanting something a little different. Styles vary from the simple to the avant garde. The Art Couture collection comprises looks from vintage themes, reminiscent of bygone eras to the modern designer influenced gown

Art Couture this season is full of romantic promise; we see a definite move towards the traditional full skirted gown. Embellished with fine embroidery and beading that gives the gown an air of elegance. Necklines are reminiscent of European royal weddings, high necklines with plummeting backs, or covered illusion tops with a smattering of embellishments. Lace still is in evidence, but now is being used more as detail than an overall fabric, with diaphanous slim gowns that hint to a bygone era.

Colors in the collection are dramatic blacks in sumptuous velvet and satin to soft delicate blush pinks, color is also used in to make statement gowns, but of course always offering the same gowns in all ivory.  

Wedding dresses that are sophisticated and stylish, perfect for any wedding occasion. Whether you are getting married in a castle or a registry office, you will look resplendent in your Art Couture wedding gown.
Wedding dresses that hark back to bygone eras of Hollywood glamour, vintage styling in fantastic laces or taffetas; Art Couture wedding gowns are always different but always perfect. Giant roses embellish simple wedding gowns or luxurious crystal highlight fantastic cuts to flatter your figure and make you look gorgeous in your Art Couture wedding gown.

Art Couture also is offering a range of accessories to make the gowns a one off, from jackets to belts, on top of the changes available to necklines and design details; Art Couture really does offer the bride their own individual design.
Enjoy the collection below:

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Thursday, 15 August 2013

WNS: VWDC by Charlie Brear

VWDC by Charlie Brear is the selected design house for the international, style- aware bride. An abbreviation and evolution from the heritage label The Vintage Wedding Dress Company, VWDC is Charlie Brear’s own-designed collection.

A colour palette of ivories, champagnes, off-whites and creams is accented with antiqued gold and molten silver beading. Silhouettes are inspired by Brear’s love of the most revolutionary decades of style from the 1900s to the 1970s. The collection’s wide spectrum of luxurious fabrics, from sand-washed silk, shimmering satin, crepe de chine, gathered silk chiffon to voluminous, satinised organza and delicately beaded and floral appliquéd lace, show Brear’s contemporary approach to bridal design.
Details including Ostrich feather trims, soft leather and silken tassels reinforce her directional style. Brides can create uniquely styled looks and layering with Charlie Brear’s Additions, a collection of under and over-skirts, tailored jackets, bejeweled and feather capes, ethereal and structured sleeves, waist-sculpting belts and silk sashes. 
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Monday, 12 August 2013

WNS: Stella & Olu - Reminiscing Three Years of Marital Bliss

It was a happy and joyous day three years ago when Stella walked down the aisle to say 'I DO' and be joined forever to her sweetheart Olu. Three years later, the couple are reminiscing, thanking God and enjoying each moment they have spent together. 

Weddings N Style wishes them plenty more years ahead...MUAH!!!




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